Why Soap foam can only be white in colour?

At today morning, I was bathing and when i was rubbing my soap in my body and suddenly a question hits in my mind that why soap foam is white only. Why this foam cannot be in different colour like yellow, red, blue, etc.

If you are confused as I am, then stay with life biggest question and know the reality behind the white foam. We have a lot of multi-colours soap, but soap foam is always white. To find out why, imagine that you have made a soap bubble. See how it shimmers with different colours. 

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The bubble is too thin, so it can’t absorb light. But the light is distorted and reflected inside and on the surface of the bubble. Because of it looks multi-colour. While in reality it’s just white. Soap foam is a huge number of bubbles that lit up because of their sheer amount that why they look white.

Now you know why the soap foam only in white colour. Let go more deep and see what the interesting facts about the colours.

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Red is the first colour that a newborn baby can recognize. It starts to see all colours by 4-6 months. Interesting na.. If you like our content then doesn’t forget to comment down below because your comment helps us to stay motivated.

White and bright gray colours are the safest for cars. According to statistics, car of such colour are least likely to get into an accident.

Want to highlight an essential point in your text? Do it with a yellow highlighter. This colour won’t leave a shadow if you scan and photocopy the document.

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Up until 17th century, carrots were not orange but purple. Shocking isn’t it? The article of carrot story will be public soon.

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