Why many animals are black and white? The Truth

we know that many animal are in black and white color but have you ever wonder why they are in black and white. did god forget to fill the color in them or there is a reason behind them. so let find out the details behind the black and white color.



The black and white color of zebra doesn't help it to hide from predators. what is does is help avoid bites of insects that carry diseases, such as a Tsetse Fly. A Fly sees a Zebra, but when  approaching it flies by or crashes into the animal and bounces off. nobody knows exactly why this happens. one theory say that black and white color of zebra creates and optical illusions that confuse insects. Also Zebra can't sleep alone they sleep in group, having one of their ranks to watch out for predators.


Scientists have found the reason why pandas are black and white. Giants pandas live in area where vegetation meet snow. The black and white coat helps to camouflage the panda in that environment. Also panda know each other by the help of black spots around their eyes 

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