The Things You Need to check before selling your Smartphone | Be Safe

Every year thousands of phones are launched and you decide it’s time to up upgrade your phone, but wait before moving on, Check these things before selling your Smartphone. Otherwise your data can be misused or you can be hacked.

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  • Make sure you remove all the paired devices from your Smartphone; because of pairing there are still some data that are stored in your device. Like unpaired your smart watch, wifi, Bluetooth device, etc. do that first then move to the other step 
  • Delete your all apps manually, resetting the phone may leave behind some data and cache information from apps and this cache could include your personal information. Deleting apps manually is a better way
  • Turn off the anti-theft measurement option because this anti-theft not let to delete all the data and this will also lead to create a problem for the buyer also. So , before selling your phone make sure you turn it off  
  • Remove your Google account before factory reset because a google account protect your Android/IOS from the factory reset by default so you need to remove that from your device 
  • Backup your all data and files if you don’t want to lose all the good memories and important information

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