Quick Riddles, That will increase your Intelligence

Tricky Riddles With Answer

Here are some Riddles, that will increase your Intelligence and help you to test your skills and common sense

RIDDLE 1 :- I Exits until you get to know me as soon as you learn me i disappear. what am I?
Answer:- A Secret

RIDDLE 2 :- It Exists for millions of year but its never older than one month what is it?
Answer:- Moon

RIDDLE 3 :- Where does tomorrow take place earlier than yesterday
Answer:- In The Dictionary

RIDDLE 4 :- I have six faces and 21 eyes and still I can't See, what am I?
Answer:- A Dice

RIDDLE 5 :- I connect to people even though i touch only one of them, what am I?
Answer:- A wedding Ring

RIDDLE 6 :- You Always answer me even though I never asked you any Questions, what am I
Answer:- A Telephone

RIDDLE 7 :- I can be large and I can be small I can have any shape but if you have me you never keep me even if you like me very much, what am I
Answer:- A Gift

RIDDLE 8 :- I have many faces emotions and expressions and I'm usually only a tap away, What am I
Answer:- An emoji

RIDDLE 9 :- What word is always pronounced wrong no matter whether it's a baby or a professor saying it.
Answer:- Wrong

RIDDLE 10 :- What water can you eat and chew
Answer:- Watermelon

RIDDLE 11 :- I have an eye but no matter whether it's big or small I still can't see What am I
Answer:- A Needle

RIDDLE 12 :- What table doesn't have legs
Answer:- The periodic Table

RIDDLE 13 :- What can you find somewhere there and everywhere
Answer:- The Word Here

RIDDLE 14 :- There is a word that has six letter but if you take one letter away there will be 12. what word is it
Answer:- Dozens

RIDDLE 15 :- Poor people have it but rich people need it if you eat it you won't survive what is it
Answer:- Nothing

RIDDLE 16 :- I only live if there is light but once the lights shining on me I disappear, what am i
Answer:- A Shadow

RIDDLE 17 :- It's not alive but it grow it doesn't have lungs but it need air, what is it
Answer:- Fire 

RIDDLE 18 :- What kind of tree can you easily carry inside your hand 
Answer:- A Palm

RIDDLE 19 :- I'm Black when you buy me,Red when you use me and Grey when its time to throw me away. What am I
Answer:- Charcoal

RIDDLE 20 :- What is a Seven-Letter word that Contains Hundred of letter?
Answer:- A mail box

RIDDLE 21 :- Whats the difference between yesterday and Tomorrow 
Answer:- Today

RIDDLE 22 :- What can be lost But Never Returned
Answer:- Life

RIDDLE 23 :- You can still see It even though it weight nothing, if you put it in a bucket the bucket will get lighter what is it 
Answer:- A Hole

RIDDLE 24 :- What kind of Dog Never bites
Answer:- A hot dog

RIDDLE 25 :- You have drawn a long line, how can you make it longer without touching it.
Answer:- Draw a another shorter line nearby, in this case the first one will be longer than the second.

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