Why car tires are always Blacks?

Have you ever wonder, why the tires are always black, why they are not Pink, Yellow, Green etc. Is it to match the Road? Then here come another question, why Roads are always black in colour. So, let find out the answer of the questions and also do a regular visit to life biggest question website for more interesting and amazing information.

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Today’s roads are usually made with a combination of asphalt, bitumen and other petroleum products, a durable mixture that meets easily and spreads smoothly across a roads surface and it naturally very dark. The roads can be colorful but it will be expensive and after some time the colorful road will get dirty, then why not save the money to plant flower and trees at the road sides.

Now, we have a clear vision why roads are black, now let see why the car tires are black? Actually wheels are not always black, chariot wheels are shiny bronze and donkey carts are sometimes painted in different color.

The first tires were actually made of leather and smoothed the Ride, but leather tires were untied and wore out quickly. You can imagine if we use wooden tires in a car then how comfortable it will be that why rubber tires are used to shock absorption. But the rubber on those tires is naturally white. So, why are the tires blacks?

White tires can get easily dirty and to keep white tires clean, we have to wash it on daily bases. But dirt is not the reason manufactures of tires started adding the chemical compound “carbon black” to their products. The compound carbon blacks make the tier stronger and this carbon block help you to reach your destination. Adding of carbon black is the reason of black tires.

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