Why we dream and how dreams come?

Sleep is the most important factor of our life whether you like or not. Everybody needs to sleep for a healthy life & for some people sleeping Is heaven for them and also dreaming. Have you ever thought or imagine why do we have dreams and where do these dreams come from.  So let find out this vision (dream) have a function or it is just a nightmare.

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Get ready to ask question to yourself that why we dream & how dreams come? This is the very difficult question because when you ask this question to yourself your brain just gets blank. Let begin as we know that sleep allow us to repair our body damaged tissue, grow muscle etc. and this process occur to every living creature in the world. Where some people believe that sleep is for conserve energy and to minimize necessary caloric intake but the facts is that sleep is necessary to our bodies. When we look at what our brain are doing while we sleep and we got some strange vision that we called it dream?

Now this occur as we sleep our body cycle between a numbers of stages throughout the night we transition from light sleep to deep sleep and then to rapid eye movement. Before staring the cycle again some dreaming takes place for the movement of the eyes during this time the average person has 3 to 6 dreams. But 95% dreams are forgotten by the time you get out of bed at this stage or breathing and heart rate increase with certain irregularities. This stage de synchronized brain waves which explain why dreams can be felt real. Now we know something about how dreaming work. Again the question comes why we do it. With life biggest question the reason for dreams is largely mystery to us, there is a number of ideas put forth that have evidence supporting them. Some believe dream help us to remember information we took in our entire day. This is largely based on studies that if a person have taken a computer class that he/she will have the dream of the computer , it explain that the thing which are present in huge quantity in our brain we will get the dream about it. Other thing the difficult emotions and experiences in our life become our dream. Many alternate explanations exists, dreaming can help our brain to solve out the problem. But still the myth is not cleared. Even some people believe that dreaming is the simple response to the various chemical and hormones changes in our bodies.

Now we return to our question why we dream and how dream come? We aren’t exactly sure we have an understanding of the mechanisms that causes one to see images but we don’t  know why this occur nor the significance of these vision it could be help us to improve our memory or process our emotions. Our dreams may tell us about the future or the past or it could be far interesting than that. Dream could be simple spitting out images our brain thing as its goes under biochemical and hormonal changes found during sleep.  As of now we can’t be sure but thinking and question about dream is interesting.

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