Why buses don’t have seatbelts?

Fastening your seat-belts while in car is something you already know. But have you ever wondered why buses don’t have seat-belts? And why buses are safer than car. So, let’s find out the answer of this question and more things about buses.

The vehicle that carries so much more people than a car should have seat belt, but buses have none, not even school buses. The fact is that the buses have to deal with several factors at once. In a case of emergency or fire in the bus, then the passengers need to get off a bus as fast as possible. With seat-belt on, the passengers will waste a lot of time to unbuckling them and this time waste can lead to be a major disasters.

In a case of collision, a bus would stop much slower than a car and the passengers will certainly feel the impacts but they won’t get hurt too much. That’s also the reason why passengers are allowed to ride standing too.

Let see why buses considered safer than cars?

There are no seat-belt, no air bags and passengers often ride standing how can such a vehicle possibly be safer than a car? Danger come from, when there is a collision come from a stop at a high speed. Buses are heavy and it takes a serious impact to stop them, they are also so long, so even if a bus crashes into something then passenger will fall but no one will get seriously hurt. In the car the airbags, seatbelt are design to soften the impact because the car size is smaller. So what you think about bus safety, let me know in the comment section.

Why don’t buses have a more aerodynamic shape? 

Cars, bullet train and airplanes all have shape that allows air to flow more freely around them and they can gain more speed. Why are buses so square then? Well buses basically don’t need to be aerodynamic because aerodynamic allow vehicles to move faster and the buses don’t need speed because they have to focus more about safety. Buses carry so many passengers and their safety is more important than speed.

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