What if there is no electricity for few years

You are sitting at your home and reading the articles of life biggest question website on your pc and suddenly your screen goes black. You move the mouse, checked the cables and suddenly you realise the power (electricity) is gone. So you decide to just have some chill out with your mobile phone until the power comes back. A person can survive without food for a couple of weeks, water for a few days, air for near a minute. But without electricity is hard to say it’s all depend where you live and what kind of survivor skill you have. But let see what will happen to humanity if electricity disappeared for, say a year. So let the games begin.

First Day

Only a few percent of charge left on your phone, but your mobile data isn’t working. Nobody knows that communication towers have shut down, which mean no call, not even an emergencies call. How long do you survive without the electricity let me know in the comment section! So after that you decide to go for walk to feel better or may the power come back. You head to your favourite cafe but when you enter the cafe you see a notice that the entire machines are down from the power outage. You move out of the cafe and checks you phone for a signal but na! You got nothing; people around you are also getting frustrated for lost of signal. Even the traffic lights don’t work and the cars will soon run out of their gas/fuel because to refuel again they need electricity. So you decide to head back home. To refresh your mood you decide to take a shower, oh no! The water in tank is finished no electricity no water. No TV, No play station, No nothing. You start lighting some candles and checking outside that if other home have electricity or not and it’s the darkest city you have ever seen. Everyone is lighting candles in their home. You see up in the sky ‘star’, the sky looks so bright.

Another day

The fridge is totally useless without electricity; you throw out all the milk, vegetable etc. The same goes for all the people in the city, throwing their waste foods. The entire city is full of spoiled products over the next few days. You visit the food store to get something, you must have cash because card readers aren’t going to work, neither any atm. Emergency generators are already running all over the world and even the most powerful models can give a backup of 24 hours max. Factories are stops. Food production for billions of people has come to an end.

Few weeks after electricity

As stores and kitchen are empty panic begins. Everyone stealing and collecting whatever they get. You decide to get out of the town, oppose; the airports have been closed. Car fuel run outs no refuel without the electricity.

One month without electricity

Commerce, banking, trade national and personal debt, they’re just gone overnight. Without the public service the garbage is everywhere in the street. Rats come out the sewers and enjoying their meal because it’s there city now.

Three month without the electricity

You know that there is no way that you can start a farm and be self sufficient. You visit your relatives for support and luckily your uncle and aunty are farmers. But to live with them you have to work with them. The days are gone when you have to simply pay for the food but now you have to earn it through physical labour.

Six month without electricity

People extract water from wells; they stay fit, thanks to agriculture and fishing. Without money we go back to exchange a thing for a thing (bartering). People almost forget about the electricity and enjoying their life with nature.

Day 365 :- Light appears

Once they fix thing up and electricity is back now it’ll take at least 10 years to fully restore the economy, infrastructure and production. So we had go back to living how we did before we had electricity.

Now, what will really happen if natural electricity disappears?

Like lightning (thunder volt), around 50-100 lightning bolts strike the planet every single second! Our worlds need lighting. Every time a bolt lights up in the sky, its puts off ozone. Ozone helps us to protect from harmful ultraviolet ray cosmic radiation.

Electromagnetic Fields let go back to moment you are reading the life biggest question website article and suddenly all the electricity disappeared (not only the electricity but all the natural electricity) then you had notice that all the magnet has lost the power to attaches or attract, because they have lost the power of electromagnetism. If there is no more electromagnetic fields in the earth, then thing so south very quickly. Without the magnetic glue, everything would be fall apart and dissipate like thanos style

Last note

You have got your molecules made up of atoms. Flying around each of atoms are ELECTRONS. They not only rotate but also repel each other because of ELECTRIC CHARGE (So from here we get the name). It is necessary to maintain the greatest force in the universe called gravity. So if the charge in the electrons disappears and they stop repelling, then gravity will squeeze everything together that it leads to form a black hole

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