The things that you didn’t know about your body

Do you get worried when your body do weird things, if yes, then let see what the weird thing are and why they happen. If you are new to our website then subscribe us and you will get the notification whenever we published a new and interesting article. 
The things that you didn’t know about your body
The things that you didn’t know about your body

1) Why do we get lazy after a big meal?

Our body needs a few basics for survival including food and water. When you are hungry you are more active, but as soon as you have eaten your brain thinks you have got all you want, now it’s time to save energy. Your brain makes you lazy to store the energy that you got from your food for longer period of time.

2) Why do we bite our lips?

Have you ever find out how often you bite your lips. This bad habit appears with stress and anxiety. Our brain give signals to bite our lips so we can think lest about problem and claim down. Also it could be that your lips are chapped due to cold and your brain tells them to bite for refreshing them. But don’t do that just apply a moisture on your lips.

3) Why do we forget dream?

As soon as you wake up, you forget 90% of you dream. The brain prevent you from remembering your dreams for your own good because the brain thinks this person already has enough data on his mind from his real life. So the brain didn’t store the dream to his memory. So when you wake up, the dream gets immediately kicked out of you memory. To know more about dream Click here

4) Why do we wake up before the Alarm clock?

Waking up to an alarm clock is a big shock for the body and to avoid this unnecessary stress, the brain releases a protein that is responsible for wakefulness. This is the reason for waking up before the alarm clock.

5) How does the weather give you a headache?

When the weather changes its lead to change in the air pressure. In your brain the blood vessels and nerve fell the difference in pressure and react, the blood vessels get smaller or spasm in simple world you can say that it become elastic and quickly recover when the weather change but for the some people their vessels and nerves can’t keep up the pressure difference between inside the body and outside the body. Its result pain in the form of headache.

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