How did Earth get it name and who gave it?

Hello everyone, as we know that our planet is called Earth but have you ever wonder how did earth get his name and who gave it its name. So let begin, Earth is the English language name for our planet. In Spanish it is called Tierra, In Dutch it is Aarde, In Swedish it is Jorden, In German it is Erde. The common thing that present in these entire names is that they represent soil or ground. The Earth is the planet in our solar system that has not been named after a Greek or Roman God or Goddess.
earth name?

The word Earth itself started appearing in text around 8th century AD, But earth is the only planet not named after Greek or Roman God, which get an clue that its was named before we had an awareness of the other planet. Which mean we have to go back more in time to know exactly who and how Earth get it name. It is likely there was not just one individual who gave the name Earth. It makes sense really – words like Ground, soil, Terrain that earliest of human ancestors have understood this word. The word earth was further perpetuated in the King James Bible of 1611, which read God called the dry land Earth, But by the time its was written, we were already calling it Earth. So God give the name to the Earth Really na!. So let move on.

When it comes to etymology then some words have already existed longer than our ability to write them down. So everyone basically calls earth as Earth for longer periods of time, but do you think animal have different word for it. As we assume that animals don’t really get planet. But if they have their own understand of land then what will they called this planet. Write a name what you will give to this planet in the comment below. Imagine if we found life on mars and all the mars aliens were like what is mars our planet is called shhnaggowe. What are words anyway? Honestly, I am really sorry. Ultimately, we don’t know exactly who named our planet so the story of how we became known as earth is incomplete.

We can only assume that lot of people looked downward decided on a soily, ground sounding word and we called it that because it everyone calling it. If you had got a chance to name these planets then what will you give the name. Tell me in the comment below.

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